Order Fulfilment Done Right

With our world class customer and business facing services we help you efficiently manage and fulfill your businesses' online orders so you can focus on reaching out and bringing in more customers.

Leave the order fulfillment with us and expand into new markets! 

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Services We Provide

Your success is our top priority. We are dedicated and
poised to offer high quality services to help YOU succeed!!

SKU Creation AND Labelling

Our well-defined and robust inventory management mechanism helps eliminate out-of-stock situations

Product Storage

Ample available space and varied storage options to cater to all our clients' product needs

Inventory Management

Easy-to-Integrate Warehouse Management System that allows clients' real-time access


We can help you bundle individual items into ready-to-ship packages, from simple collating to multi-component product assembly.


Careful, diligent and efficient picking, packing and shipping of orders

Fast Delivery

Pick the fastest delivery service from a wide selection of integrated services

Return Management

We receive and process returns quickly, enabling you to refund customers and re-stock products fast

Fulfilment Doesn't Have To Be A Hassle

Did you know that order fulfilment is the secret in acquiring and maintaining life-long customers ? At WIRAGO, using our high quality inventory management  and order fulfilment processes, we minimize mis-picking and mis-shipping so  that your customers always receive the correct products, and quickly too! 

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Meticulous Inventory Storage And Care

When your products arrive at our Warehouse, each SKU is confirmed, sorted visually and logged into our Warehouse Management System (WMS) which you will have real-time access to.

We also understand that different products do require different storage environment. At WIRAGO we cater to your products' diverse needs, where inventory can all be stored in one location - making it far easier to manage.

We Manage Your Inventory So You Are Free To Do Other Things

If you're scaling fast and looking to optimize your fulfillment strategy, working with a provider that offers you the complete package of warehousing and order fulfillment is key. Let us help you with that while you concentrate on the exciting part - MAKING SALES! 

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Fast Delivery To Elevate Customer Satisfaction

Not surprisingly, faster delivery has now become a priority for consumers and optimizing delivery speed can definitely help boost sales. WIRAGO & our courier delivery partners are here to ensure your customers receive their packages in the fastest, most efficient & reliable manner. 

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